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Some of the reason for the neglect of recognition of Adolf Mueller-Welt's pioneering work can be attributed to his bifurcating his work in three different countries, two of which required learning a new language, not only for social use but most importantly for work in the scientific arena. Adolf was not a business man, he was a scientist with a specific goal and he trusted those who may have had other motives. In any event, none of the three countries that ought to be honoring him, Germany, Canada and The United States have moved from the individual scientific pioneer to the totality of the business of contact lenses and its periferals. Schools of higher learning are not much different. Much of their public effort is on the business aspect. Their scholastic effort may be quite different but it does not spend much time or effort on teaching the history of the man who launched their profession in 1927 in Stuttgart, Germany. The Germans are especially guilty of this.

What is needed is an effort by professional organizations, especially those who can tie their business to the work of Adolf Mueller-Welt, to make a major effort to honor his work. Several of today's largest contact lens companies, through acquisitions of other companies have their genesis in Adolf Mueller-Welt.

If any individual, or company, has an interest in telling the complete story of my father, please feel free to contact me. I am open to all comments and suggestions including those who may see things differently than do I. 

I do not know if it is possible, but I believe that a reasonable case can be made to nominate my father for a posthumous Nobel Prize for Physics or a related field.

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